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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Final Product

This is our final Short film production, enjoy :)

Friday, 6 May 2011

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

As i believe, that last year for A1, my blog may have been too text heavy and if a blog is too text heavy, it tends to get a bit boring after a while. So in order to address this part of my evaluation, me and my partner Rachel will be doing a piece to camera.

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

For my main product, me and my group researched typical conventions from a short award-winning film "Wasp", which features below. The main conventions we learnt for our main product were:

* Original storyline
* Stereotypical Characters
* a range of locations
* a range of shots

We tried to put all these conventions to use in our main product, by trying to make the storyline as original as possible. We used storyboards to help us.

We also had Stereotypical characters in our main production such as:

* Victim
* Criminal

My research for my anciallary tasks were influenced by Empire film magazine.

I found Empire film magazine very helpful, when creating my film review page and film poster.

When producing my film poster i followed conventions from this poster:

In the film poster above, they have an establishing shot, with an actress's shot in the middle of the poster. Their title is very appealing, with a tagline above it, and like many other film posters they have all the film details displayed at the bottom of the poster. For example, Director's and film distributors etc.

I decided to follow these conventions, whilst creating my film poster, so that it can look as professional as possible.

I also tried to follow conventions from the image above, when producing my film review page.

When producing my main product i used Todorov Theory, which is also displayed on my blog. It helped me to structure my main product. However i do believe that my main product does not follow the typical Todorov Theory. The order of our Todorov theory looks like this:

Equilibrium - Images of victim at start

Disruption of order - When victim is hit by car

Recognition that the disorder occured - Shot of victim lying on grass

Attemp to repair damage - Dog walker finding victim

Return of new equilibrium - Shot of victim dead at the end.

We also tried to use a range of locations, to keep the audience interested. The locations which we used were:

* Sutherlands Pub
* Windynook Nature park
* Rachel's house
* My house
* My car

At the start of our main product we have several shots of the victim dead on the grass. We put a sci-fi effect on these shots and used ambient sound over the shots, to make it look like a "crime scene investigation". We tried to make it look professional, also by using "fade to black" transitions.

However, i believe we as a group both did our best to challenge, develop and use conventions of real media products in our main product. However i think my anciallary tasks, seem to have followed typical conventions more than my main product.

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

For my ancillary task i had to create a film poster and a film review page to assist my final short film production. I created both, by using Photoshop, which played a major role in my A1 project.

Here is a plan for my film poster, i found this very useful in the planning and researching stage.

Film Poster

I followed a typical convention lay out. For example, title, and production company and producers in small print at the bottom of the poster. I used the "Smudge tool" on the victim's face, to make it look more effective and sinister.

Here is a plan for my film poster, i found this very useful in the planning and researching stage.

Here is my Film Review Page

As you can see i wanted to create a conventional lay out, which would look good in a film magazine. I used a Location image, so that the image would not give away too much of the narrative. However to make i look more effective i changed the lighting on the image. I also used "stars" on my film review page, as it is very conventional. When writing the quotes, i used Famous names of the film industry, to give a more professional feel to my film review page.