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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Todorov's narrative theory

We have been using Todorov's theory alongside our film production. We are currently working at the Disruption stage of events.

Target Audience

I believe our short film, will be aiming at ages 15 and above. I think this is an acceptable age because some viewers may find some scenes disturbing.

Monday, 7 February 2011

House scene

We got several shots in the boyfriends house when he was trying to get intouch with rachel. We were very happy with the effort we put into this filming. However when we got back to the classroom we realised that there was a really bad shadow on Connor's face. Which means we are going to have to reshoot this scene sometime.


On the above date, we tried to film the hit and run scene. However because of heavy rain all day, this made it impossible to film. We did manage to get a quick shot of rachel stepping infront of the car. When we played the shot back we realised a cyclist riding past. This was really annoying, as the shot would of been very effective without the cyclist being in the frame.

We have decided to postpone filming this scene until 10/02/2011. To avoid any weather disruptions we have checked next weeks weather forecast, and thursday is going to be "Sunny intervals" :)