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Monday, 7 December 2009

Music magazine article page


For part of my media assignment, i also had to create a magazine article, this article could be based on anything, from real-life stories to interviews with a celebrity etc. I decided to create a story, which would be real-life to the reader. I tried to make the article as effective and inspirational as possible. I wanted it to have a positive effect on the reader.

During the process

I started creating my article, by situating the writing into columns, as that is the most effective way to read an article and is also the most traditional way. I done this by:

  1. opening word
  2. situating writing into columns

  3. copying pasting article onto a fresh page on photoshop

  4. making sure the columns are in line on the article page

As you can see from my article page, i have kept it very plain and not busy compared to my magazine cover and contents page. I chose to do this because i want my reader to focus on the writing only, and not be distracted by too many images, colours or shapes etc.

I used a plain white background, to keep the article neutral and again to keep it as less-distractive as possible. I used a straight line to create a triangle shape on the top left hand corner of the page. I coulered it purple as that was the colour theme for this article page. I used a shape on the contents page, which i had also used on the contents page. I have used it so it can be seen as the magazines logo or signature to readers.

Finished product

In the article itself, i started with an introdution, explaining who Lucy smith was, and who was interviewing her. I put this introduction in bold, so that the reader knows it is an introduction. I also highlighted a quote in the middle of the article as you can see below, to draw the reader in and to make the article page look more effective. At the end of the story, i wrote the name Lucy Smith in a larger font and bold, to show that this is her story.

I used myself again as the model for this article page, as i used myself for the front cover of the magazine, i was posing as Lucy Smith on the front cover also. I cut the image using the magic wand tool on photoshop, then went gently aruond the edges with the rubber, to smooth them. The image looked abit squashed, so i widened the image. I thought it was appropiate to have a guitar in the image, as the music genre of my magaizne is Indie/rock. Also a guitar is mentioned in the story, so the image does relate to the story.

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