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Monday, 30 November 2009

Music Magazine contents page


We were asked to also create a contents page for the music magazine. It could be a double page, or single. I decided to do a single contents page. I used several magazines to help me come up with stories to use for the contents page such as Q and NME. I also took some new pictures, to represent stories which i had written.

I started my contents page and realised that i had used the same photograph as someone else. So i decided to change all of my contents page as i also did not have enough stories, and it was looking very plain and boring. The picutres on the contents page were not captive enough.

First draft of Contents page

How and Why

I stuck to 3 colours for my contents page, as i believe more than 3 colours, would look to much and over the top. Those were red, black and white. I used a diagonal line to seperate the top half of the page from the bottom. I used a black background for the top half, and a white background for the bottom half. After creating the background, i thought my contents page, still looked plain and not very appealing. So i used a circle shape in the top left corner, to make it look more funky. By using the custom shape tool, i came across a shape to situate in middle of the contents page. I decided to use it as part of my background, by replacing the layers of my stories, on top of the shape layer.

I used a picture of a female, which i took to represent "The Interview of Hayley williams". I had to change the girl, because i noticed that someone else had used the same picture as me. I also decided to change my pictures of landscape images, to images of actual people, as this relates to magazine contents pages. Many magazines edit pictures, to make them look more effective, or they airbrush models to make them look prettier etc. I decided not to edit any of my pictures for the contents page. Whilst editing my contents page, i noticed that the female model looked to skinny and the male model looked to wide, so i changed the size slightly. I also had to use the Magic tool wand to cut the images, and a rubber to refine the edges.

Origianal Photos

I decided to use a logo for my magazine, aswel as a title. Alot of well-known magazines use logos, and is easily noticble to all readers. I half situated AMP's logo in the top left corner of the magazine. that there magazine is easily noticble. E.g. OK magazine. Ok magazines title is also their logo.

Unfortunately i have lost the image of the female.

Analysis of Contents page

I researched several magazine contents page to try and pick up ideas, and see what techniques they use. I came across this one.

This content page uses a picture for the top of their background. I decided to use shapes of photoshop itsself for a part of the background. I also took the idea from this example, to tilt the stories which are feautiring in the magazine itself.
When uploading pictures, i had to think carefully about where i was going to situate them, so that they did not block any of the writing etc. I took the idea of tilting the writing on an angle, on my contents page also.

Final draft Contents Page

This is my final draft of my contents page and as you can see, it relates to the decription of which i have made above. I have also used to pictures, like the contents page i researched, but i put a border around each image. I done this because, the pictures blended into the background without a border to give the image more effect. During the last stages of processing my contents page i noticed that it was looking a bit bare, above the image on the left hand side. So on photoshop i used a custom shape, which represented a music note.

As you can see my colour scheme for my contents page is the total opposite of my front cover. I decided to use totally different colour on my contents page, to be different and unique as most magazines, stick to a basic colour scheme throughout the whole magazine. I want readers to remember my magazine for this.

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