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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Music Magazine front cover


I have been asked to create a music magazine, it has to contain a front cover, contents page and a 2 page article. I have decided that the music genre of my magazine will be Indie/Rock. I decided to use me for the front cover of my magazine. I used a plain black background to emphasise the genre of music which is Indie/Rock. I kept to a simple 3 colour scheme for my front cover, i have used the colours Black, Purple and Green. I am placed in the center of the magazine, looking directly at the camera, i have situated the writing around the image, and over the image, but i have not wrote over the face, as this would not look good. I decided to stick to wearing black and grey clothing, as this contrast of colours, represents the indie/rock style of the magazine. I used story headlines such as Kings of leon, Hayley Williams and Lostphrophets, because they are all indie/rock bands, therefore they fit in well with the magazine as it is based on indie music.

During the process
For the title i took an idea from Q Magazine. Qs title is placed on a square red image in the top left corner. I done the same but the rectangle is purple, and the title green. I also took the idea of advertising a chance to win to tickets to a music festival on the bottom of the front cover, from Q magazine. I used Baby Kruffy font for my title, i had it much larger than any other writing, as i wanted it to be effective and easily readable and noticable. I also added shadow into the background of the title to create more effect. I situated the date, issue number and website around the title. I used Cooper std for all of my stories advertising on the front cover. I had to drop the shadows on all of the writing because it wasnt very readable as it was based on a black background.

I situated the Bar code in the left bottom corner, as it was not over lapping anything, and looked in place. I also resized the barcode by making it smaller, so that it did not take up lots of room on the front cover.

I also used a star shape on the right hand side of the magazine. I used a purple background for the shape, and used green writing. I used it as a advertising and a way to promote the magazine. I used "2 free downloads" as this could persuade the audience to buy the magazine.

I could not find the original photo, for which i have used on my front cover. This photo however is the same one i used for my front cover. It has half been cut though. I had to cut the image by using the "Magic wand tool" i then had to go around the edges of my body with a rubber, but be very careful, as one slip of the mouse, could leave me with half an arm. The original background was blue, i had to make sure there wasnt any blue showing on the image E.g. around the body.

While i was adding the finishing touches to my magazine, i notcied that my skin looked dull and greyish. To change the colour i had to :

  • Click on image
  • Then click on adjustments

  • In adjustments there are many different settings, i experiemented with saturation, contrast and brightening, til i found the right colour tone.

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