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Monday, 28 September 2009

School Magazine

The first project which i have been working on in Media Studies, is to create a school magazine. I took a photo of my friend jordan holding a folder, which can relate to school work. I put this on my front cover, i located the picture slightly to the right.

I used 3 colours only on my front page to keep it simple. I used Purple to represent Thomas Hepburn school as the pupils wear purple jumpers, Black and White. I also used 3 fonts, these were Rockwell, Franklin gothic and Tekton pro

I uploaded a picture of Thomas Hepburn himself, and placed the picture in the top right corner, as it was not the most important picture. I also uploaded the school logo and placed it to the left under the title. I also uploaed a picture of the school building site and placed a purple boarder roung to make the picture more effective. I also wrote a persuasive line "Free cinema tickets for 2, in this weeks magazine" so the reader will read the magazine.

For the contents page, i listed the page numbers down the side, so it was easier for the reader to find what they are looking for, and so the contents page looked more organised. I used a plain white background to keep it simple, with a purple border around to represent thomas hepburn school. I placed Thomas Hepburn's school logo on the bottom right of the page. I used all the same black font apart from the title. I used relveant pictures to relate to stories which are feautring in the school magzine.

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