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Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Me and Rachel Burns, have decided to create a Short film, instead of creating a music video as we thought we would benefit more from creating a short film. The short film will fall into thriller/horror genre.

Summary of short film

The short film will start off with a scene of a couple arguing outside the males house. The female leaves her boyfriends house and starts walking along a long abandonned road, she is then struck by a car driven by two young girls, who have been drinking in a local pub.

The car drives off and leaves rachel. She only has a certain amount of time before she will die.

The first establishing shot will be off rachel lying on the side of the road, after being struck by a car. After this establishing shot, the short film will go back in memories of how this girl ended up being knocked down.

We have decided to share out all responsibilities between the pair of us, this will make it less complictaed. We will also be both taking part in acting.

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