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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Music video's analysis

I chose threee music videos to anaylze and to get ideas, for our group. As i am filming, and in charge of costume/make-up/props it will be good to see how costume relates to the plot of the music video.

Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul

The costumes that are worn in "I want your soul" are typical american Hip Hop style. The clothing is very bright and colourful, which reflects the mood in the music video. The main prop used in "I want your soul" is a boom box, which the community dances to. I counted 78 shots in the 3:18 minute music video. Alot of very fast, sharp edits are used in the middle of the music video. When the music is slowly stopping at the end of the song, a medium shot of the Man and woman, fades out, to end the video.

Pendulum - Watercolour

At the beginning of "Watercolour", a shot of the galaxy is shown, just before the music starts. Medium close-up shot of Pendulum singing, only half the face is showing, as other face is shadowed. The music video uses alot of bright visual colours and patterns. When the chorus comes in, the shots move to a party scene, where everyone is wearing black clothing, which represents the mood of the song. There is also water spraying everywhere. When the sun appears, the lighting of the music video changes, and everyones faces are visible. ALot of blurry shots are used, and sharp transactions.

Eminem - Love The Way You Lie

In "Love the you lie" Eminem is wearing a White vest and jeans. The man in the house is wearing jogging bottoms, to show that he was just lazing around in the house, and his girlfriend is wearing a vest and shorts. One of the props used in this music video, is a bottle of beer which the man is drinking in a bar. This scene shows that he has things on his mind. The girl in this video, is very pretty and i think the man is scared of losing her, thats why he acts so aggressive. His image represents his peronality, as he has stubble and tattoos, which makes him look rough.

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