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Monday, 10 May 2010

Audience Feedback

I showed my Magazine project to a number 0f schoolfriends, and this is the feedback they gave me.

Sophie, 17 - "I like how the title is nice and big, as it makes it stand out. I like the eye contact the main image has with the camera. I also like how the hook "Lucy Smith" is overlapping the main image. I would defienately buy this Magazine, if it was on the market today".

Jordan, 16 - "This magazine is very attractive, because of the bold, bright colours. However i do not think it would buy this magazine, as it seems to be aimed more at girls. But i think it would do very well within the magazine industry".

Jodie, 19 - "I love this magazine, it is based on all the kind of music i listen too. The colours work so well, with the main image. The article could also be very inspiring. This would definately catch my eye, if it was on a magazine shelf".

Susanne, 40 - "It looks very professional, and if it was my work, i would be very proud of it. But, it is definately aimed at a younger audience. I would not buy this magazine, because of that reason, but i think it would do very well with a younger generation".

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